Up to 40% off large design projects

Projects from £5,000 will receive a 40% discount. That’s a £2,000 saving!

What counts as a large design project?

Any design that’s over £5,000 will have a 40% discount applied. If your new marketing campaign or re-brand was to cost £5,600 you would pay only £3,360. Discounts are available for smaller projects from £840 at 20% and from £1400 at 30%. Pre-purchasing of design time is also available at the same discounts. This usually benefits clients with projects such as:

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Project or company mobilisations
  • Brand development including; logo concepts, brand guidelines, stationery, document and marketing templates
  • Quarterly or monthly magazines
  • Large brochures and publications
  • Vehicle signage and exhibition design
  • Video production of idents, virals and features
  • Websites with content management functionality, SEO and maintenance

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